R150 R151 SHORT SHAFT transmission adaptor package





Package Includes:


These are the lines and fittings to plumb your T56 hydraulic throwout bearing for the 1UZ transmission swaps. Kit comes with 2, Stainless braided teflon lined hoses, 1 adaptor for the clutch master cylinder, and remote bleeder fittings! The great thing about this kit is the remote bleeder setup. You can bleed your clutch fluid right back into the resevoir! No more wasted or contaminated fluid


-PILOT BEARING- Pilot bearing from ACT


This is a adaptor plate to attach a Toyota R150 R150F R151 SHORT SHAFT  5 Speed manual transmissions to the 1UZFE Lexus V8 Powerhouse! Fully CNC Machined from billet 6061-t6510 aircraft grade aluminum plate.

COMES WITH THE HYDRAULIC THROWOUT BEARING!!!!!!! Everyone elses kit you have to pay an additional 80-290$ just to get your throwout bearing!!!!

***on the R150 2WD transmission found in many Toyota trucks came with two input shaft lengths pre- 1996 and Post 1996. Post-1996 is not compatable with this adaptor plate.*** ***Correct input shaft length is roughly 6 1/4" from the face of the transmission. The Long style is roughly 7 1/2" or 30 mm Longer. Be sure to check you input shaft length before buying. If you have the Long input shaft then this is the adapter you need. http://www.1uzfeswapkit.com/W55565758-manual-transmission-to-xUZFE-adaptor-plate-0000-0012.htm



3VZFE modified for xUZFE family engine, 5 speed tranmission swaps. This flywheel only wieghs 19 lbs! Compatable with both 3VZ and 3SGTE pressure plates. (tons of options!)

The 3VZ flywheel is Ideal compared to other flywheels because  the ring gear is both facing the right direction, and the lead is on the correct side of the teeth. Another advantage over other flywheels is that you DO NOT  USE THE FLEXPLATE SPACER! The ring gear is also the correct distance fron the starter pinion, AND is facing the correct direction with the lead in the correct direction ! Along with the clutch face!

You can use any R or W series clutch disc with this kit, and either a 3vzfe or 3sgte pressure plate.

If you are looking to buy a complete clutch kit that works you can use a clutch kit for a 1990 4runner or a 90's era turbo 3sgte Mr2.